Alignment – Resilience & FLOW with Dr. Carla Stanton

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A short intro to the a collaborative effort of Dr Carla Stanton- Mind – Body Medicine and — HiddenLight Media & Fearless Journeys–INTRODUCING OUR TOOLS OF RESILIENCE AND FLOW

We successfully held a workshop on resilience at the Aberthau Mansion in West Point Grey on Thursday evening. Although it wasn’t well attended the depth of sharing and what we all got out of it as individuals was fantastic. Very cathartic sharing the kind that just leaves you feeling lighter in spirit and ultimately more connected and grounded. Carla had introduced the Heart Math equipment and some active meditation through heart rate variability breathing exercises — this highly sensitive equipment visibly shows on the computer monitor the striking effects of deliberate mindfulness practice. Remarkable parallels between the feelings and effects from doing the ancient movements of qigong which made up the last part of our workshop.

The primary takeaway for attendees was to empower the notion of ownership of your routine. To make the exercises your own— to not have to always rely on some guru or teacher to lead your daily practice. Even if you just know a handful of movements it’s better to practice those few with complete sincerity and focused intention than to try to perform a complex session irregulars and without ownership. The practice needs to be your sovereign space. These tools have really helped both Carla and I to break free of debilitating stress of being misaligned in career and business. Now we are on a mission to help people with the same stress that we had.

This video shows us on a walk around the trails of Prospect Point in Stanley Park confirming our next venue for subsequent meetings. Nature is a powerful healer and what better place to decompress and talk about achieving more Flow state and resilience in business or career. Please join us on a local workshop or retreat to the Gulf islands. We are gearing up to make this a fantastic community building year. Hats off to 2018. Do You know how much much stress you are under?. PLEASE Reach out if you have any interest in a custom retreat or a regularly scheduled event —we’ve got quite a line up of professionals who are joining us this year. Check them out on this website –for Carla’s contact and a good amount of free content and resourses please visit

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