COACHING FOR executives and business leaders is a powerful tool for transformation. It is THE ONE tool that helps organizations make their biggest advancements and leaps in growth. Unfortunately some organizations defer to it in a last ditch attempt at staying alive.



AS the digital world rapidly increases in power and presence effecting change on a level that is unprecedented – the need for organizations to be able to efficiently adapt and innovate becomes increasingly necessary. Giants like Kodak that once dominated the marketplace for decades are being usurped by the likes of Instagram and Youtube in a matter of a few years.

By focusing on people in  an organization–their philosophy, their creative output, their attitudes and their mindset –it has been proven that this is the single most effective way to  make break through quantum leaps in business. IF you create systems of change and adaptability in your organization  you can weather the storms, and create sustainable models for future success.

BY Implementing an open and transparent Coaching model in your organization you can better achieve ADAPTABILITY and RESILIENCE because people are supported and valued in their peer groups in powerful ways and are best able to attain peak performance.

We utilize a variety of powerful models and ways of looking at adaptability and high performance. One key model we regularly refer to in our coaching engagements is the recent research into high performance mental FLOW state in performance athletes, creatives and leaders. We identify the 17 triggers known to influence our ability to engage the flow state. A state that has been shown to conjure performance increases of up to 500% in athletes and executives. IT IS THE REASON THAT GOOGLE has hired co-founders of the FLOW GENOME PROJECT,  Jamie Wheal and Steven Kotler to address and coach their executives.

IN our coaching work we especially look at the power of lateral thinking and group flow state. We know they can be powerful tools for your organization to achieve a huge and rapid transformation in performance.

TO support our beliefs we have  launched a video web series to chronicle the success stories of high performance athletes and leaders. please visit   —>